Best Ways to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of Erectile dysfunction, commonly shortened to ED, lurks somewhere in the network of systems vascular, hormonal, and psychological. Somewhere something has gone wrong. Though the problem of erectile dysfunction is always vascular in nature (ie. a shortage of blood to the penis), it is usually a combination of hormonal imbalance and psychological issues that stress the vascular system or prohibit it from functioning correctly. Hormonal changes occur with age. This is why boys in their teens and early twenties have a hard time keeping it down, whereas men from the age of 40 and older sometimes have a hard time keeping it up. Couple a man’s waning prowess and sexual interest (caused by changes in hormone levels) with the loss of confidence psychologically associated with the “first time” he couldn’t get it up, and you’ve got yourself a full-blown erectile dysfunction. In other words, low levels of male hormones and low self-esteem are often the precursors for male sexual dysfunction. And for 48% of the population, that’s a worrying concept.

In this article I will first discuss non-chemical actions that may help cure erectile dysfunction, followed by a section dedicated to possible medical treatments for erectile dysfunction and other male sexual dysfunctions. Natural erectile dysfunction treatments are, of course, found in the right sidebar.

Are you impotent?

Though many men have experienced the inability to maintain an erection, episodes often called “whiskey d**k,” a man is only considered clinically impotent if he fails to get it up more than 75% of the time. So, if you’re batting better than 25%, you’re technically not impotent.

Sexual Dysfunction

The phrase “male sexual dysfunction” actually encompasses three categorical problems: erectile dysfunction (ie. the inability to maintain an erection), ejaculatory dysfunction (ie. premature ejaculation), and decreased libido (a lack of sexual interest). In this article we will be dealing primarily with erectile dysfunction, though some therapies for premature ejaculation and a stagnant libido are mentioned in the “Medical Treatment” section.

Best Natural Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

An old guy reminscing with is doctor about younger timesOf course your first step in curing yourself of an erectile dysfunction should be to see a doctor and be as upfront about the problem as possible. The thing is, there has been a direct correlation made between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, which means that having sex could actually be a more dangerous activity for some men without them knowing it. Treating a sexual dysfunction without knowing whether cardiovascular disease is an issue can be a life threatening proposition. So, before you do anything, go in and get some tests done. Get a clean bill of health from the doctor and then you can start erectile dysfunction treatment.

Your doctor will tell you that to get rid of erectile dysfunction you have to start treating your body better.In a study entitled “Effect of lifestyle changes on erectile dysfunction in obese men” it was concluded that increased physical activity complemented by a healthy diet cured 31 percent of men with erectile dysfunction. That’s an amazing number if you know anything about cure rate statistics. And you know, I don’t like running any more than the next guy, but I do love a good workout on the weight machines. Any kind of exercise (anaerobic or aerobic) coupled with a good diet is your best bet for not disappointing your partner during a roll in the hay. Amazon has quite a few beginners exercise videos that you can get, most of them free with a Prime Membership.

Piles of Prozac PillsYour doctor may take you off certain medications to help cure your erectile dysfunction. A study entitled “Drug-induced male sexual dysfunction” concluded that of the 12 most commonly prescribed medications on the market today, 8 of those medications list “impotence” as a side-effect of the drug. Perhaps the most common problems with impotence are reported in men taking SSRIs, a very common class of anti-depressant drugs. This doesn’t’t just apply to legal prescription drugs either. Nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, and heroine all negatively impact male sexual libido after extended use.

Speaking of Nicotine, you should probably quit smoking if you want to cure your erectile dysfunction. There is a chemical in our bodies called nitric oxide which works by relaxing the stuff that helps blood flow into your penis, allowing you to get an erection. With low levels of this chemical present in your penis, it is often quite difficult to get an erection. And guess who has lower levels of this chemical than anyone else? Smokers, that’s right. So, if you want to get it up, you’re going to have to give it up—smoking, that is.

Dudebros comparing medalsSexual therapy, and a boost of self-confidence, is all many men need to cure their erectile dysfunction. As I mentioned in the introduction, the psychological factor is perhaps the most important factor in male sexual dysfunction. After experiencing one or more failures, some psychological issues may crop up that prevent a man from ever getting an erection again. This is what we call psychologic impotence, a kind of mental-sexual funk men can get in if they become accustomed to sexual failure. If you don’t think you can overcome the fear yourself, find a sex therapist.

Best Medical Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several forms of male sexual dysfunction therapies. These include anything from drugs like Levitra and Cialis to injections of drugs into the penis to vacuum-style penis pumps to penis prosthetics. All of these are considered medical erectile dysfunction therapies, however archaic they may be. Below I will describe medical treatments for the three forms of male sexual dysfunction:

First line treatments for Erectile Dysfunction are usually oral prescriptions of the PDE-5 inhibitors Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis). The two latter drugs are becoming more popular than the former. Drug therapy success rates for all three of these drugs range anywhere from 50% to 80%. These are good numbers, but keep in mind that for people suffering from Psychogenic sexual dysfunction (ie. lack of sexual confidence) the success rates were much lower. You must also keep in mind that cardiovascular health is a requirement to be eligible for treatment with these drugs.

There are two classes of drugs that are used to treat Ejaculatory Dysfunctions in men, and those are SSRIs and (clomipramine). You may remember that I suggested taking yourself off of SSRIs to cure erectile dysfunction. Well, the opposite is true if you want to get rid of premature ejaculations. SSRIs tend to delay or retard orgasm, making them useful for treatment of ejaculatory dysfunctions.

For Psychogenic or Hormonal Sexual Dysfunction, I’m afraid medical science doesn’t have much to offer. Two controversial therapies include Yohimbine, whose efficacy is based solely on what we call the placebo effect, and androgen therapy, which is the injection or topical application of the male hormone testosterone. The injection of testosterone is nothing new, and is more commonly referred to as “steroid use.”

If you decide to choose drug therapy, under no circumstances should you obtain and consume any medication without an examination and authorization by your doctor. Failure to do so could result in an untimely death.

Best At-Home Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Bottle of yohimbe bark extract

Yohimbe, mentioned in the Medical Treatment section, is a folk remedy from Africa that dates back centuries. According to a study done by Dr. E. Ernst entitled “Yohimbine for erectile dysfunction: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials” has found some evidence to suggest that if the ingredients claimed to be active in Yohimbe are not providing relief from erectile dysfunction, then placebo effects are.

Fava beans...where's my chianti and human flesh?

Fava beans and fava bean sprouts have been suggested to be aphrodisiacs and natural erection enhancers because they contain a compound called L-dopa, which can induce erections, painfully if the dose is strong enough. A normal serving of 8 oz. is suggested before the “big night.” Fava bean sprouts apparently contain a more concentrated amount of L-dopa than the beans themselves.

bottle of ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is recommended by the University of Maryland Medical Center as both a stand alone treatment for erectile dysfunction, and as a complementary supplement to Papaverine, a drug commonly prescribed to help improve blood flow. Ginko is generally used to improve blood flow to the brain by relaxing blood vessels. If it can be assumed that ginko eases blood flow to the brain than it should do the same for the male penis. You can get Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba extract from Amazon.