Negative Energy

We go through life bombarded with negative energy and over time it can begin to affect us. It comes from our jobs, bills, friends and even our family members sometimes. Getting rid of negative energy can be a challenge these days since it seems everywhere we turn there’s something new to worry about. Shootings, bombings, poverty, inequality fill the media and sometimes it feels like there’s no solution. On top of it all people seem to have endless opinions about it all and love to fight about it on social media. Put it all together and you have a hurricane of negative energy threatening to sweep us away.

Negative Energy? New Age Nonsense…

Now you might be thinking to yourself that negative energy is just new age nonsense. There’s no such thing as negative energy and people who believe in such things are a little nuts. Not true…in a sense. Negative energy is a label we can put on all the things we see, hear and feel that cause negative feelings. Feeling angry, sad or simply confused can lead to feelings of depression and hopelessness. Controlling this negative energy is important to keep a clear head and keep us level as we go through life.

Now you shouldn’t take things to the extreme and block all negative energy in our lives. If we make ourselves blind then we end up living a delusion. The trick is finding a balance and weeding out the unnecessary negative energy you can afford to get rid of.

Negative Energy and the Internet

Spend too much time online and you’re guaranteed to pick up some negative energy. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid the internet these days you can take some steps to avoid the amount of negative energy you receive from it.

Trim your social media

Social media has become the go to place for arguments and blasting angry opinions. You’ll want to get selective about who you’re friends with and who you follow. Keep to close friends and family who share your interests. Block those that routinely cause unnecessary drama or do nothing but complain. A little awkwardness over trimming your friends list is a small price to pay for removing unneeded negative energy from your life.

Avoid major news outlets

Big news outlets make their money on advertising so they will do anything to get people to visit their websites. This means flashy videos and stories that are more opinion than fact. Consider switching to a wire service for your news. Reuters and the Associated Press are great options because they more neutral and report news without spin or opinion.

Avoid the internet

It’s easy to lose yourself in the internet where so much negative energy lives. Cut back on the amount of time you spend on your computer or your phone. Check your emails, see what your friends are up to and then log off. Use your time to do things that enrich your life rather than blankly staring at a screen. Hobbies and activities help relieve stress while reducing the amount of negative energy you’re exposed to.

Best Ways to Avoid Negative Energy from Gossip

It doesn’t matter if it’s at work, school or among your friends; gossip is toxic and loves to infect any group of people. Gossip is a huge source of negative energy because it’s always negative in nature and sometimes completely untrue. Gossip leads to more gossip and you may soon find yourself the subject of some hushed conversations and awkward glances.

Break time is you time

Gossiping at work is a popular way to kill time while on breaks. If your coworkers are the gossiping type then avoid them while on break. Take a short walk, start a journal or find another activity that keeps you away from the toxic gossip. If there’s the option, seek out new coworkers to hang out with outside your department that are more interested in positive conversation.

Be a leader

If your friends gossip and you just can’t avoid them take control of the conversation. Stand up to them and tell them you just don’t want to gossip. If they’re your friends you should have something else you can talk about that won’t increase the negative energy in your lives.

Family is tough

Family gatherings can be difficult if your relatives are the gossipy type. Avoiding family is rude and you’ll have to put up with a little negativity but there are ways to minimize it. Find another family member who you might know that well and see if they are more inclined to healthy conversation. You can also be the family hero and volunteer to take care of the kids if there are any. Kids just want to play and you’ll have way more fun on the swings rather than sitting around gossiping.

Best Ways to Recover from Negative Energy

If you’ve been suffering from large amounts of negative energy all day you’ll need to get rid of it. Dwelling on the negative things you’ve seen or heard can bring you down and ruin your evening or what should be a pleasant day off.

Get a hobby

Do something that engages your brain and makes you think. If you can fill your thoughts with positive things it will push out the negative energy and clear your head. Watching television doesn’t count since you’ll only be masking the negative energy and it will come to the surface later. Try reading, painting or even knitting (Amazon has a nifty starter knitting kit).

Get relaxed

Meditation, if done correctly, can put your mind at ease. It can be difficult for the untrained but there are alternatives. A long hot bath is a great way to clear your mind. Make a production of it and light some candles or get yourself a glass of wine. Relieving stress in your body will help clear stress in the mind. Try some scented bath salts sold at Amazon (even if you’re a big tough guy).

Find some friends

Good friends that share your interests and know how to relax are important in life. You can expel negative energy by talking about your troubles and getting them out into the open. A good friend can help give you perspective and make you realize that there are better things to focus on.

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