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For many people the onset of a gray hair can be devastating. It does, after all, signal that a person is getting older. Once the hair starts turning gray, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be predicting (accurately) the severity of imminent bad weather based on the amount of pain and the constriction of motion in your left hip or shoulder or big toe or wrist. For some of us, however, it doesn’t mean a darn thing. I, for one, have been noticing a few gray hairs for several years now. But, as I am an avid head shaver, as soon as I can see some graying hair, I know it’s time for the razor. The point is this: just because you have some grey hairs doesn’t mean you’re old. Being old means you’re old. Gray hair is just something that happens as we age.

A majority of people first start noticing gray hair color during their twenties and thirties. More often than not it’s just a strand or six, but they’re there. Your hair, before it turns gray, has color because of the melanin produced in your hair follicles. As you get older, your body stops producing as much melanin and you start going gray. But that’s only part of it. Turns out, your hair cells also produce hydrogen peroxide. When you’re young, it’s quickly broken down by an enzyme called catalase. As you get older, your body produces less catalase, the hydrogen peroxide builds up, and your hair turns gray. Don’t blame it all on the catalase, though. There are another couple of enzymes called methionine sulfoxide A & B. These enzymes are responsible for repairing hair damage. And as with catalase, they are plentiful in youth and diminish with age. So what do you do about it? Unfortunately, there is no cure for gray hair. There are, however, a number of things you can do to help in getting rid of gray hair.

Silver Belles & Gray Foxes

Gray hair doesn’t make you a social leper. Look around you the next time you’re out. There’s some darn fine looking people sportin’ gray. Taking care of yourself is what keeps you young, not your hair color. The word MILF has recently become a household word. If that doesn’t speak volumes for gray hair, I don’t know what does.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Gray Hair

Shave it off.

Ladies, you may wish to skip this section. Gents, this is for you. Shave it, man. If you have no hair, you have no gray hair. It’s relatively quick, it’s relatively easy, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than constantly pumping out money to color gray hair. True, you will spend a few more bucks on buying razors. But trust me, it’s still cheaper. I’m lazy. Even though it only takes about twenty minutes, I only shave my head about once every couple weeks. For me, that’s about how long it takes for any discernible hair color to be noticed.

Coloring gray hair.

If you’re wanting to know how to get rid of grey hair without shaving everything off, this is without question the best thing you can do. The hair dye you use doesn’t even have to be marketed as gray hair dye. Any hair dye can be grey hair dye. And, gentlemen, don’t be scared if there’s a lady on the box; it’ll work for you too. And don’t forget about your brows. I know the box says you shouldn’t dye your eyebrows, and of course you should do what the box says. However, I dyed my brows countless times when I was young and never had a problem. I was just very careful about it.

Covering up a few gray hairs.

If you’re really concerned about the couple of gray stragglers that have shown up, you might want to just hit a salon for some highlights. Tell your hair dresser what’s going down, and he/she’ll take good care of you. If you want to take care of those few little gray hairs yourself, it’s easy. Of course the most effective way is gonna be to just pluck them. Get a mirror or get someone to help you. If you don’t want to pluck, use some mascara that closely matches your natural hair color. Some folks, I have heard, will even color gray hair strands with a magic marker.

Put a lid on it.

If people can’t see your gray hairs, it’s only natural to assume that you don’t have any. Covering gray hair is easy. Got a baseball hat? Put it on. Got a stocking cap? Put it on. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but it may just be what you need to feel a little more confident. Don’t forget about wigs either. There are some unbelievably realistic looking wigs these days, many of which are actually made from human hair. So, basically, soylent wigs. THEY’RE MADE FROM PEOPLE. *cough*. There are countless different lengths, styles, and colors available. Choose what’s right for you and carry on.

Deal with it.

There’s no shame in gray, folks. I actually only shave my head because, aside from going gray, I’m going bald. Gray hair can look quite nice. It may take you awhile to reach that point, especially if you’ve been dying it, but you’ll get there. Start by growing your roots out long enough to give yourself a nice short hair cut. This will actually improve the overall health of your hair. All the hair that’s been dyed 300 times is going to be brittle, dry, and damaged. Your roots will be nice and healthy. Just start growing your hair out and take good care of it. Proper gray hair care starts with a good gray hair shampoo.

Gray Hair Treatment

When it comes to covering gray hair, you’re in luck. There are oodles of products available on the market today that will help you get rid of gray hair. Melancor-NH may be the most intriguing. This is a tablet that is taken twice a day. It’s formulated to increase melanin production and, in turn, returns color to your gray hair. GreyBan Anti-Gray Solution for Men & Women is another impressive product. This is a spray on lotion that is applied to dry hair every day for 7–14 days. Once desired color is reached, occasional application is used to maintain that color. And, of course, don’t forget about the tried and true favorites like Grecian Formula, Garnier Nutrisse, Just For Men, Touch of Gray, Men’s Choice by Clairol, any number of L’Oréal products, and if you’re really hoping for a kick-ass punk look, pick up some Manic Panic.

Color Gray Hair Naturally


The henna plant (Lawsonia inermis), besides thickening and strengthening your hair, is very commonly used as a dye for covering gray hair. There are several different colors and shades you can choose, depending on the mix, and whether or not any indigo was added. Just allow yourself plenty of time. Once in your hair, the henna will need to sit there for at least an hour. Hennalucent is a good start, and has a variety of colors available, like Punky Violet from Amazon.

Blackstrap molasses.

Many people swear that by taking two tablespoons of molasses a day, the process of graying hair can be stopped and even reversed. Some people mix it with coffee, some with juice, and some even take it straight. Just make sure to get the unsulfured stuff and don’t expect immediate results. It can take several months before a difference is noticed. You can give this method a try pretty cheaply, as Amazon sells Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses in $7 jars.

This herb is sometimes used as a natural hair color for gray hair. Take a half cup dried sage and simmer it for a half hour in two cups of water. After a half hour, turn the heat down and let it steep for a couple hours. After steeping, apply it to your hair, let it dry, and rinse it out. Do this once a week until your hair reaches the desired shade. Do this once a month to maintain.

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