Weed, pot, marijuana; whatever you call it, is now legal for medical use or recreation in many areas. It has many fantastic medical applications and for many is a safer alternative to alcohol. Despite it’s growing acceptance there are many that still hold negative views on it and those who use it. You might only use it in the privacy of your own home but the smell can follow you around. Marijuana has a potent and unpleasant smell that can be a bit much even for those who use it. How do you get rid of weed smell? There are a few things you’ll have to do since marijuana smell gets into your hair, clothes, carpet and any other soft surface.

Weed Smell & Hygiene

Weed smell lingers in your hair and on your skin after handling and smoking. It’s ‘skunky’ smell can be easily detected by those around you so you’ll want to practice good hygiene.

Wash Up

Wash your hands and face after you handle or smoke marijuana. The oils – which are strong and potent – will seep into your pores and stick there for hours. A good scented soap and a little scrubbing will get the oils out along with the weed smell.  Almost more important than the scent, however, is the need to wash your hands quickly.  The longer the oils are on your skin, the more they will penetrate and be hard to remove.

Wash Your Hair

Smoking in an enclosed space such a house lets smoke collect in your hair along with the weed smell. Make sure you wash your hair everyday if you’re a daily smoker to remove that marijuana smell. If you don’t have time for a shower then there are dry shampoos available that you can apply and comb out to reduce the smell of weed.  This is also one of the ways to get rid of a smoke smell in general, too.  Hair tends to hold a smell.

Just like with washing your hands, we find that it is key that you wash your hair quickly rather than wait.  If you wait a long time, lay on your couch, sleep, and then wash your hair, you are probably rubbing that scent into both your hair and your furniture / pillows.

Brush Your Teeth

Marijuana will give you horrendous breath and you’ll want to brush your teeth after smoking.  This is no different than smoking a cigarette, cigar, or taking shots of alcohol.

A dead giveaway that you have been toking is that you will emit the scent of weed for a while after you are done with it.

For good measure, take some Listerine too.  Yes, it tastes awful, but it works!

Wash Out Weed Smell

Marijuana smell will quickly set into your clothes and follow you around even if you smoke outside. Taking precautions and keeping up on your laundry will greatly reduce the smell of marijuana on your clothes.

Smoking Jacket

Many years ago it was fashionable to have a separate jacket just for smoking. These days you can use this fashion accessory to help keep weed smell off your clothes. Dedicate a jacket or shirt to use while smoking so the smell stays off your everyday clothes. Wash this jacket or shirt occasionally to get rid of the buildup of the pot smell.

Wash Clothing

Wash your clothing regularly to keep the weed smell out. You might not notice the smell but to a non-smoker it can be quite powerful. Any good laundry detergent will do.

Dryer Sheets

Don’t have time to do a load of laundry but really need those dress pants? Dryer sheets have a strong odor of their own that can knock down weed smell in a pinch. Throw a few things in the dryer along with a dryer sheet and let them tumble on low heat for ten minutes or so. It’s quick and you’ll smell like fresh laundry instead of offending pot smell.

Avoid the Bedroom

Don’t smoke in your bedroom or any other room where clothes are kept. Marijuana smell will float into your clothing and stay there until you choose to wear it. If you can’t avoid smoking near clothes then make sure they’re in a dresser with the drawers shut or a closet. If your closet doesn’t have a door then a heavy blanket or towel hung over the opening will help block pot smell.

Weed Smell & Your House

Marijuana smell will quickly build up in your house if you smoke inside and don’t take precautions. To get rid of marijuana smell try some of the following tips.

Carpet Powder

Pet owners have been hiding pet odors for years using carpet deodorizing powders. You can do the same thing for weed smell. These powders are sprinkled onto your carpet and then removed (along with the odors) by a good vacuum job. Check out the Extra Strength Arm & Hammer kind on Amazon.

Wash blankets

Blankets will suck up odors so make sure to either wash them or hang them outside to freshen up if they’re not washable.

Freshen Up

Curtains and furniture are also an issue you’ll need to think about. An odor neutralizing spray will help cut down the pot smell. Air fresheners do little so make sure you get something that will get rid of the odor and not just cover it.

Clean Pipes & Ashtrays

Pipes with built up marijuana resin smell terrible. When not using them, store them in a case or pouch to contain the odor. Clean them every so often to get rid of the resin that causes the terrible smell. Also be sure to always empty and wipe out any ashtrays you use when smoking. Just be sure not to put hot ashes into the trash since this is a great way to burn down your house.


Best Ways to Prevent Weed Smell

Getting rid of weed smell is much harder than preventing it. Think ahead and you can make your home and yourself smell better.


A fan in the window blowing outwards will draw smoke out of the room and prevent it from collecting in fabrics and other places. Be sure to smoke near the fan for best results.

Smoke Outside

Depending on where you live this might not be possible but it really is the best solution. Smoking outside will keep the odors out of your house and help keep them off yourself as well.

Sealed Storage

Marijuana by itself can be incredibly odorous and if left out the smell can fill a room. Store marijuana in an airtight container and put in a cool place. Avoid a place that gets too hot such as near heaters or in direct sunlight.

Consider Alternative Methods

There are many new products on the market these days for smoking that produce less smoke and therefore less smell. Check with your local dispensary or look online. They can be expensive, such as this vaporizer you can check out online, but you’ll want something of quality.

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