All crafters from knitters to scrapbookers eventually end up with extra craft supplies. We pick up craft supplies for projects we never get to, find great deals at garage sales or inherit collections from other crafters. Over time it all stacks up and eventually we’re faced with piles of craft supplies we’ll never use. What do you do with it all? You don’t want to simply throw those craft supplies in the garbage. Even a half used skein of yarn still has some value. You need to get rid of those craft supplies so you can justify getting new stuff for exciting, new projects. So let’s get to it!

How to Start to Get Rid of Craft Supplies

It’s tough to part with some craft supplies because of all the plans we had for them. Many craft supplies represent projects that had special meaning to you and getting rid of them is difficult. It can feel like you’re admitting defeat and letting yourself down. Sometimes you might have half finished projects that you know deep down you’ll never finish. It’s okay. It’s okay to part with those craft supplies and move on.

Sort your Craft Supplies

Make a plan for sorting out all your extra craft supplies. You can sort by how long you’ve had them, their value and of course their usefulness for future projects. Lay everything out where you can see it with room for two big piles.

Assess Craft Supplies for Use

Seriously consider each skein of yarn, ream of paper and pack of buttons. Don’t fall into the trap that you’ll ‘eventually’ get to that project and try to hold on the craft supplies for them. If it’s been two years and you still haven’t built that model car you bought at a garage sale then it’s time for it go. You can, with certain craft supplies, justify keeping them if they are valuable. Fancy Icelandic Yarn isn’t cheap and worth holding on to.

Decide To Keep/Get Rid of

Make a decision and stick with it. Put all the craft supplies that you’re getting rid of in one pile and leave them there. Don’t second guess yourself. When you’ve gone through everything, quickly get the craft supplies you’re getting rid of into a bag or box. Out of sight, out of mind.

Organize What Remains

This can also be a good time to organize what you are keeping. Get some organization supplies so you can keep track of things. Today is the day you begin keeping up on those projects! Amazon sells a good ArtBin that may be helpful for you.

Donating Craft Supplies

One of the best things you can do with extra craft supplies is donate them. Organizations are always in need of craft supplies since many can’t afford to buy them. Look around your town for places that could use your extra craft supplies. Some suggestions include:


Many preschools and kindergartens are in dire need of extra craft supplies since budgets are tight. Many teachers have to buy craft supplies with their own money and they’d be thrilled to get a collection for free.

Scout Troops

Scout groups like the Girl Scouts are always looking for donations of craft supplies to help out. Much like teachers, scout leaders have to buy their own supplies for their kids and a donation can help.

Senior Centers

Your local senior center can use donations of all sorts. Craft supplies can help programs they run or be used for fundraising.

Community Centers

Any community center or organization that runs after school programs for kids can use extra supplies. Non-profit organizations like this run on the generosity of the community to survive.

Selling Craft Supplies

Donating your old craft supplies is great but sometimes we have supplies that cost us a pretty penny. If you’re on a budget yourself you might need to recoup some of the money you spent on them just to afford new supplies. Unfortunately you’re not going to get what you paid for but anything helps sometimes.


Check out local craft shops in your area and see if they have a billboard. If you’re pretty close with the staff then they might help connect you with someone in the area. In addition, visit any local groups like a quilting club and see if any of the members are interested. If your craft supplies are good quality you might just make a sale.


Selling online is tricky if you haven’t done it before. I recommend connecting with a friend who does it quite often for help. If you’re experienced with online selling then you know what to do. Selling in big lots will get you less per item but will sell faster. The whole point is to get rid of the craft supplies; right?

Gifting Craft Supplies

Another way to get rid of craft supplies is to give them as gifts. If you have kids or grandkids then it might be just the thing to get them interested in your hobby. It’s never too early to start knitting! You can also get your friends interested in your hobby if they’re not already.

Make gift packs that include everything they will need to do a project. A few skeins of colorful yarn, an old crochet hook and a pattern off the internet and you have a great little gift. You might have to venture out and buy a few things to complete a gift project but even so your Christmas shopping might be cheap this year. Did you know you can get a gift bag big enough for ten pounds of yarn? Amazon sells such a gigantic bag!

You can also simply gift your extra craft supplies to someone you know who is just starting out. New crafters need supplies to practice on and they’ll be grateful for your help. Remember that some of the supplies that you consider cheap might be great for a learner.

If you belong to a crafting club you can simply bring everything and let members take what they want. You might have just the thing that a fellow member has been looking for. Especially if you have supplies that haven’t been made for a few years…or more.

Throwing Craft Supplies Away

It’s not fun to think about but you might have to throw some supplies away. Sometimes we forget about things in a box in the basement and they get funky. If things are dusty, musty or just plain dirty then toss them. Donating ruined supplies doesn’t help anyone.

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