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If you’ve ever been up close to a long-term meth addict, you can see the wrinkly effects that an unhealthy lifestyle will inflict on your skin. Even if you have to age, you don’t have to look like you’ve been injecting Drano into your body. Prevention, including the little wisdom nugget of avoiding methamphetamines and other skin damaging garbage, is your best bet in dealing with neck wrinkles.

Also known by some as a “turkey neck”, neck wrinkles are no fun, and not something most people welcome when they look in the mirror.  It is not just a harsh lifestyle that will cause them.

Living a healthy life is your best bet for having sustainable health, which is always beautiful. So once you’ve taken care of that step, you can work on what is listed here, in this article.

Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles and Your Turkey Neck

Stop smoking (or don't start)

Yes, you’ve probably heard this over and over again. You probably don’t want to hear it one more time. But I’ll say it again: stop smoking. And, if you can help it, avoid smoke entirely. Make your spouse smoke outdoors, and don’t frequent places where smoking occurs indoors. Just stay away. Among many other disastrous health problems, smoke, first or secondhand, destroys and discolors your skin. This includes the skin on your neck.

A turkey neck has no chance against the harsh effects of cigarettes.

Avoiding smoke is a free way to get rid of wrinkles – eye wrinkles, face wrinkles and neck wrinkles. Living smoke-free is one of the best and most natural ways to get rid of wrinkles and many other skin conditions. Along those lines, it is important to avoid excess amounts of alcohol and any sort of street/recreational drugs.

Avoid the sun.

Mark this as the second most frequently heard advice on how to get rid of wrinkles. But again, you hear it that often because it’s true. Besides an insanely higher risk of skin cancer, overexposure to the sun will also cause burning, discoloration, sagging of the skin, wrinkles, and generally make you look like a chunk of over-treated leather. This includes the skin on your neck, which is often forgotten because it tends not to burn as quickly or noticeably as your face does. That doesn’t mean your neck isn’t being damaged. So wear a complete UVA/UVB sunscreen on your neck every time you go outdoors. I would also suggest wearing one of those huge, floppy, dorky-looking hats. They also help get rid of gnats.

Your turkey neck will develop much faster if UV Rays are hitting it regularly. Use sunscreen on your neck just as you would on your face, nose, ears, and arms.  There is no reason not to.


Many women, and even some men, have a daily face cleansing and moisturizing routine. However, many people overlook the need to moisturize their necks. Keeping skin hydrated and moisturized will help to plump the skin and immediately help get rid of the appearance of wrinkles. Over a longer period of time, this will help prevent wrinkles from even forming. And there’s no doubt that’s the best way to fight wrinkles: long before they ever start. So use the same moisturizer on your neck that works well on your face.  That way, you get get rid of forehead wrinkles, face wrinkles, and your saggy neck all at the same time.

A moisturizer with age-fighting properties, vitamin E or sunscreen will also help get rid of wrinkles. You could check out, for instance, Genes Vitamin E Creme sold at Amazon.

When you see a lady who has been using moisturizer for her whole life, and who looks 20 years younger than she is, applying it, you notice that she applies it to her neck just as her face.

The neck gets lots of weather, wind, sun, etc.  It needs to be replenished.

Wash frequently.

While washing your neck frequently won’t actually get rid of wrinkles, it will help to get rid of the appearance of wrinkles. As the day wears on, we’re exposed to dirt and grit and grime. We sweat. If you wear makeup, your makeup smears and runs. Anything our skin is exposed to will run down our faces and collect in our neck wrinkles. This can cause discoloration and uneven skin tone, and make wrinkles appear to be deeper than they are. Washing off this combined face grease/everyday grit will reduce the appearance of wrinkles naturally, without surgery or expensive products.

Use Astringents on your Neck

Astringents are compounds meant to apply to the skin, and they are a bit of a “wonder chemical.”  A good astringent can reduce the size of pores, clean skin, prevent acne, and (most importantly for this topic) tighten the skin. Applying an astringent to your face and neck can firm-up the skin, to reduce the chances of the turkey neck appears or the abundance of wrinkles.

Be sure to use an astringent that is alcohol-free.  That will reduce the chances of your skin becoming dry or irritated.  One we especially like is the Ocean Facial Toner astringent (here on Amazon).  It is alcohol-free, and designed to be used on the neck in addition to the face.


Think of exfoliation as scrubbing’s older, rougher brother. It may leave you feeling a little raw, but it’s still 100% natural and will help you get rid of wrinkles and prevent a full-on turkey neck. Much like dirt and grit and grime, dead skin cells tend to collect where our skin creases, making our wrinkles appear much more pronounced. Exfoliation removes those dead skin cells, as well as any sort of build-up, allowing the healthy skin underneath to shine through. This will help our skin regenerate new cells at a faster rate, making our skin look smoother and clearer, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on our faces and necks.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles and a Turkey Neck

The above methods of getting rid of wrinkles are just the cheapest and most natural ways to get rid of wrinkles. If you’re set on getting rid of wrinkles, and the above methods aren’t strong enough to get you the results that you want, then considering seeing a dermatologist. He or she can recommend other methods to suit your needs and your budget, including Botox, dermal fillers, collagen injections, surgical lifts, fat transfers, acid peels and laser treatments.

In some cases, your issue isn’t with neck wrinkles at all, but instead with neck fat. If you can get rid of the neck fat, you can remove the appearance of a wrinkly, full neck.

But if the issue truly is a sagging neck, focus on other things. There are a lot of ways to treat a turkey neck, whether they show up on your face, around your eyes, or on your neck. Just be prepared for the needles, scalpels, poking, prodding, burning and cutting that they may have to do. That said, these methods could most likely show the best results for wrinkle removal. Your dermatologist can give you his professional opinion about the wrinkle removal method that’s best for you and your neck.

Natural Wrinkle Remedies


As an all-natural astringent, honey is a sweet and healthy base for an all-natural facial. Mix with sea salt, brown sugar, oatmeal or crushed almonds, and apply to your skin. After fifteen minutes, rinse off. The honey will help clear and minimize your pores while tightening up your skin. Honey is cheap, environmentally friendly, and you can find it at any local grocery store. Whatever is left over in the bottle can go great with tea or fresh fruit, too.


While a lot of people try to lose weight by cutting fat out of their diets, many don’t realize how essential healthy fats are. Healthy fats include those found in salmon or in fish oil: omega-3 fatty acids. Including these healthful fats in your diet will help slow down skin aging and help increase muscle tone in our bodies, reducing the look of wrinkles and sagging skin on our faces and necks.

Witch Hazel.

Like honey, witch hazel is another natural astringent. That means that it tightens skin. This makes it a good treatment for hemorrhoids as well as wrinkles. Witch hazel will help to soothe skin after sunburn and exposure to other elements. It will help to reduce inflammation as well as help clean your skin of free radicals and other things that cause fine lines and wrinkles. You can find good cleanser pads from Dickinson’s at Amazon.

Skin is Your First Defense

Often the American focus on skin’s necessity is its beauty. All the commercials, wrinkle treatments, acne treatments, and skin cosmetics completely overlook the fact that your skin is your body’s first line of defense against disease. When you compromise the health of your skin for the sake of cosmetics, you open yourself up to many possible infections. And pus is never sexy. So make sure that first and foremost, you have healthy skin. Beauty will follow that.

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