If you knew what a skin tag was before reading this page, then you’re one step ahead of me before I looked into them. I didn’t even know that those funny little pieces of extra skin had a name, until hearing about someone ripping it off another’s nose. How’s that for educational? Skin tags are far more common than I gave them credit for.

Turns out, skin tags (medical name: acrochordon)are a common condition, basically a benign tumor, or growth of skin, on various part of the body–most commonly the eyelids, nose, cheek, neck, armpits, upper chest (I think those are called nipples), and groin (those are called…well, that’s not important). More women (especially pregnant women) than men get skin tags, and skin tags increase in both genders with age, diabetes, and obesity. Skin tags usually don’t cause any serious health problems, but are unwanted for aesthetic reasons or because of the minor irritation they can cause. Getting rid of a skin tag is relatively simple, as the suggestions below show.

Best Way to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Getting rid of skin tags with a scalpel or scissors is a common and easy way to get rid of skin tags at home.

Make sure the blade you use is sharp and sanitized (use an open flame, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide), and cut as quickly and closely to the healthy skin as you can. Some bleeding may occur, but shouldn’t last for more than a minute. Tweezers may also be used to pull the skin tag off. Getting rid of skin tags this way will likely be painful, and you might want to numb the area first with an ice cube, or other cold substance.

Get rid of skin tags by freezing them off with liquid nitrogen (cyrotherapy).

Liquid nitrogen is a common treatment for skin growths. When applied to a skin tag, liquid nitrogen will destroy the cell tissue quickly and efficiently. Getting rid of skin tags with cryotherapy may cause some minor pain and scarring, and the liquid nitrogen should not be applied to the same area of skin more than once a week. Amazon sells Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away for warts, but it could be used for skin tags too. Check with your doctor.

Electrosurgery, or electrolysis, is an effective way to get rid of skin tags.

This procedure is usually performed by a professional, who will use an electric needle to destroy the skin tag growth, as well as any additional growth beneath the skin. Electrolysis is usually fast and permanent, with minor scarring.

Get rid of skin tags by cutting off their blood supply.

Use thread or string to tie off the skin tag close to the healthy skin to cut off the blood supply, which will eventually cause the skin tag to fall off (usually after a day or two) (I know, this is gross). Depending on the location of the skin tag, you may either need help tying the string tight enough to be effective, or be unable to use this method (unless you don’t mind having a piece of string hanging from your nose) to get rid of skin tags.

Cover skin tags in certain areas with a band aid to avoid further irritation before treatment, or to avoid treatment.

Skin tags in areas like the armpits, the groin, the chest, and the back (basically any area that rubs against clothing or other skin on a frequent basis) are prone to irritation, which can cause skin tags to worsen, and in turn cause getting rid of skin tags to become more difficult or painful. Though in those cases, getting rid of them makes one far more comfortable.

Treating Skin Conditions

If you don’t feel confident about diagnosing skin tags, see a dermatologist before attempting to treat yourself. There are numerous other, more serious, skin problems that may require more serious attention and different treatment than skin tags. These include moles, warts, freckles, and general skin damage from sun or chemicals.

Birt-Hogg Dube syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by skin problems, especially noncancerious tumors occuring in hair follicles on the face, neck and chest. The presence of this syndrome can increase a person’s risk of other internal cancerous tumours and cysts. While it’s highly unlikely that you have this disorder, something like this is a good reason for you to consult a health professional if you are at all unsure about or unfamiliar with diagnosing or treating skin tags, or any other skin disorder.

Alternative Skin Tag Treatment

Try getting rid of skin tags by soaking them in a sanitizer,

such as skin sanitizer, or facial cleanser and sanitizer, or a natural sanitizer such as apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcholol, or hydrogen peroxide.

There are many (so-called) herbal remedies available for getting rid of skin tags.

Do your research before purchasing or using one of these, and be aware of the risk of such products containing damaging chemcials, or not being regulated by the FDA. We make no guarantees, but you can try the natural oils H-Skin Tags removal formula sold at Amazon.

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