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While there are many ways to remove hair from our bodies, to get rid of back hair represents a logistics problem similar to a short armed T-Rex trying to pick something up off the ground.

It covers a large area and unless you can dislocate your elbows and your shoulders while maintaining coordination.  Doing any kind of precision work on the back is difficult — it’s just hard to get at. Some of the best, most permanent ways to get rid of back hair will involve the help of professionals and paying them appropriate sums of cash, but there are cheaper tools and products that can get the job done at home. You can use safe, FDA-approved methods that vary in permanency, price, and effectiveness in order to get rid of back hair.

Why do you even have back hair in the first place?  The answer is probably in your genetics.  Most issues of hair — amount, color, baldness, location — is a genetic matter.  For some people, back hair can also be a hormonal issue.  In such cases, be sure to mention that hunch to your doctor.

For the rest of us, back hair is simply something you were given through your genes.  Good news news is that having more body hair might mean you are more intelligent, but that doesn’t mean it looks good.  Now, let’s figure out what to do with it.

Back Hair Removal Costs

  • Electrolysis will cost $50-$100 per hour, and a back will take around 100 hours. If you have a big hairy back, you’re going to spend several thousand dollars and a great deal of time and energy. But the back hair will be gone for good.  Permanent solution.
  • Laser back hair removal. For a hairy back, you’re looking at $700 -$1000 dollars per session. Several sessions are usually needed, and then you may need yearly fix-ups.  Multiple sessions needed.
  • Waxing. Expect to pay around $50 at a reputable spa. Cost is repeated every couple weeks.  Multiple sessions needed.  However, waxing can be painful for such a large area as a back.  It tends to be a good way to, say, get rid of a unibrow because the area is much smaller.
  • Shaving. The Mangroomer ranges from $20 – $50 while the Razorba costs anywhere from $30 – $50.  Regular maintenance required.  This devices also work great on arm hair.
  • Depilatory creams. Products range from $5 – $30.  Regular maintenance required.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair


Shaving is a safe, cheap way to remove back hairs. You’ll probably be able to reach hair on your neck and upper back, but you’ll need a tool like the Razorba Back Hair Shaver (pictured, and found on Amazon) to get lower. Do not shave dry or when you’re sunburned. When finished shaving, it’s always a good idea to moisturize.

While shaving might be the least-expensive and the one way that involves no chemicals or professional help, there is a downside.  One downside of shaving is that you will need to do it regularly in order to maintain a nice-looking back.  The other downside is that any hair can itch as it is growing back.

Another popular option is the Mangroomer, which we like because it has a flexing arm that allows you to get the entire surface of the back without contorting your arm or shoulder.  Find it here on Amazon.

Depilatory Creams

You slather this stuff on your back, the hair turns to jelly, and you simply clean up the mess. It can be used to tame a thick coat of back hair before you switch to a back hair shaver.  It is a similar concept to shaving, in that it gets rid of the hair at and above the skins surface, but does not pull the root out.  The hair will grow back.

A depilatory cream dissolves hair.  Because of its powerful abilities, be sure not to use it on your face unless it is specifically designed for that purpose.  Using it as a test on other parts of your body is fair game, though.

Some people are very sensitive to these products, so test on a small area first. Also, know that different creams are designed for different areas of the body – read directions carefully! You can order creams like Veet from Amazon, and another we like is the lineup from Sally Hansen, recommended by salons and also available on Amazon.


Waxing is a viable back hair removal option. Newer, soy-based waxes have made this method less painful than advertised. That being said, I recommend going to a reputable salon to have this done, especially if you’ve never waxed before. Waxing involves pulling hair up by the root, so it’s relatively long lasting (2-7 weeks). Done improperly, waxing can cause bleeding, ingrown hairs, as well as infection.  Not worth it, considering that you can spend just a little more to have a professional do it right.


You can try electrolysis. Who wants to pull out back hair on a regular basis? Not I. Not you. While electrolysis is expensive, it is the only FDA (and AMA)-approved way to get rid of back hair permanently. During electrolysis, an accredited practitioner (be sure they are) inserts a fine needle into the hair shaft. The growth center is then destroyed with chemicals or heat, leaving your hair sleek and sexy. Follow-up sessions are often needed.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a good, semi-permanent option.This method is both less expensive (slightly) and less permanent than electrolysis. During a session (you’ll need a few) a laser passes through your skin and destroys the melanin found in the hair follicle. After several treatments, some people experience permanent reduced growth, but you will most likely need maintenance sessions yearly or bi-yearly. Laser back hair removal works better for those with light skin but dark back hair. Also you get treated with a laser. Welcome to the future!

Alternative Options

The Mangroomer

This electric razor gets high marks from its users (women too!). It combines all the advanced technology of a back scratcher with a basic electric razor. Pure genius. It’s ergonomical, easy to use, and it’s dirt cheap ($20 – $40) compared to electrolysis and lasers. This is a good mid-range option from Amazon.


Proponents of sugaring maintain that it is far less painful and more natural than waxing, but it is essentially the same thing. Most sugaring recipes call for little more than sugar, water, lemon, and molasses. Moom, a popular commercial sugaring solution, is a good option if you’d rather not make your own.

Safely Removing Back Hairs

Hair removal is a huge industry that houses as many schemers and scam artists as quality products and services. The FDA is literally overrun with patents for new lasers and techniques; consumers would be wise to research well before dishing out the clams for electrolysis or laser back hair removal. For example, don’t fall prey to vendors selling “home electrolysis” kits.

The glorified tweezers are as likely to cause injury as get rid of back hair. You can protect yourself by making sure a salon or hair removal service has the right certification and by getting references from customers. You don’t want some rookie using improper techniques on your precious skin – the damage they could do will be more unsightly than a little back hair.

But staying safe is more than avoiding scams and finding qualified professionals. Many back hair removal techniques, such as waxing, sugaring, threading, and electrolysis will leave pores unprotected and vulnerable to infection. You’ll want to use a quality antibacterial cream when the back hair – root and all – is removed.

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