Best Ways to Get Rid of Bladder Infections

I’ll be honest. I’ve never had a bladder infection. They are quite rare in my gender until we get around the age of 50, at which point our prostate starts to go downhill and takes the rest of the neighborhood down with it. I was shocked to read that one in three women have had at least one infection that required antibiotics by their mid-twenties. A full 10 percent have at least one infection a year and 60 percent of all women will experience one at some point in their lives. Getting rid of a bladder infection will most likely require a trip to the doctor, but there are things you can do to prevent the next one.

Bladder Infection Antibiotics

Evidently around half of bladder infection sufferers will get rid of the infection on their own within a week. But for those who don’t want to live in misery for that long or don’t want to risk further infection, treatment will include oral antibiotics such as sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, cephalosporins, ciprofloxacin, and nitrofurantoin.

Best Ways to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection

Person on a toilet, showing legs with leopard skin pantiesSigns and symptoms of a bladder infection. There are a bunch of ways to tell things aren’t quite right down there. Some describe it as a feeling of pelvic pressure, some a flaming hot fork stabbing you in your most sensitive spot. Generally there is some pain involved in urination and you get that feeling of having to pee more often than usual. Sometimes the urine is cloudy or foul smelling. As the infection progresses you might get more nauseous and experience diarrhea or a loss of appetite; an achy, feverish, lethargic body is also common. All in all, a pretty terrible way to spend your day.

The most common bladder infections are related to sexual intercourse. In the case of women, the problem usually involves trauma caused by engaging in some sort of vaginal penetration. This is also known as honeymoon cystitis. The obvious first step is to throw on the old chastity belt for a few nights. The problem will mend itself and without fail you will be back in the saddle again. Maybe you could consider taking it down a couple notches or make some adjustments in your technique. You don’t want to find yourself on the injured list again, and I’m sure your partner, should you be lucky enough to have one, would agree.

Microscopic image of bacteriaThose bladder infections are usually caused by bacteria.Of course we’ve all heard the joke about questioning the intelligence behind designing a waste disposal facility next to an amusement park, but it’s really no joke for those of you who have had problems with urinary tract infections. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus saprophyticus make their way from your backdoor around to the front. This could happen for many reasons: the aforementioned sexual intercourse, poor hygiene practices, or random chance.

Get rid of bladder infections by visiting a doctor. If the infection has established itself you pretty much only have one option, and that is to kill the little buggers inside of your bladder causing all of the problems. You can do that by waiting around for your immune system to figure it out and run the risk of further infection, or just get it over with by visiting the doctor. They will have you pee in a cup and their lab will test your urine for bacterial infection and the existence of blood cells. Be prepared to recount your recent sexual endeavours and other problems you might have had with peeing as it might help them diagnose your problem.

Bladder infection treatments are going to involve antibiotics. There are a lot of things we can do to prevent bladder infections, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t think about them until the infection is already upon us. Once it’s there you are going to need a prescription of antibiotics to get rid of it. Hopefully you can get into the doctor quickly. Having a bladder infection can be painful, uncomfortable, and might lead to incontinence, none of which you want to deal with when you are out in public. Drink lots of water and try a urinary pain relief drug called AZO (which you can get at Amazon) until you can get to the doctor.

Natural Bladder Infection Remedies

bunch of cranberries

Cranberry juice. This is the most widely known home remedy for bladder infections that I can think of, and for good reason: it does seem to work. It won’t treat an infection that has really taken hold, but it might stave one off before it gets going. It also has the potential for preventing bacteria from sticking onto the tissue of your urinary tract. So that’s good. If you live in a place like we do where the grocery stores kind of stink for options, you can find Cranberry Juice online at Amazon.

Glass of water

Water. Drinking water might not seem like a great idea right now. I mean, why would you want to feel that awful pain any more than you have to? But I have it on good authority that drinking water will help in the long run. Besides, it’s good for you to stay fully hydrated, especially if your body is fighting off a bacterial infection.

Several different styles of panties

Bladder infection myths. Evidently there have been studies that show that there is no correlation between frequency of bladder infections and all of the following things that everyone seems to think will get rid of them: voiding your bladder before, during, or after sex, underwear style, personal hygiene (really?), condom use, and birth control pills.