THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as you all know, is the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana (Cannabis sativa). In other words, it’s what gets you high when you ingest weed or hashish. Yeah, yeah, “Tell me something I don’t know.” Right? Alright. If you are here reading this, you’re probably concerned about an upcoming drug test. Well, there’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the THC detox method I’m gonna cover in the section below has been reported by many people to get rid of THC. The bad news is that not only does it take a fair bit of determination and dedication, but there is no method that is guaranteed to work other than not smoking pot.

More than likely, you’re either starting a new job that’s going to require you to pass a urine test or you’re in the military and you don’t really feel like losing rank, pay, or worse. The amount of time that THC can be detected in urine is difficult to estimate. I’ve read estimates of 3–7 days all the way up to 120 days depending upon how much and how often you smoke up. Because most places stick with a standard urine drug test, that’s gonna be the focus of this article. Unlike the people who are administering these drug tests to you, there’s no discrimination here. The results of this marijuana detox method should be the same for both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. It may also depend on body size/weight. I’ve done a lot of research on the matter and have combined all of the most seemingly effective techniques into one easy to understand (even if you’re still stoned) method for teaching cannabis smokers how to pass a drug test.

Controversial Uses for THC from Medical Marijuana

  • Stimulating appetite in AIDS patients
  • Reducing intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Reducing tics from disorders such as OCD and Tourette’s
  • Reducing muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis patients
  • Reducing nausea caused by chemotherapy

Best Ways to Detox THC

Quit smoking and get some exercise.

I know this goes against The Universal Pot Smokers’ Code of Ethics, but this is important. Since THC is stored in fat cells, it makes sense that you would want to burn some of them off. Get as much exercise as your body can handle, at least a couple hours a day. Jog, run, speed walk, do calisthenics—anything you can think of. Remember to stay hydrated and wear layers during exercise. This will help you sweat and shed even more of the drug. THC will be released into your system as you burn the fat cells where it’s residing. For this reason, stop exercising a couple of days before your test.

Change your eating habits.

If you’re not smoking, the munchies should subside and this should be easy. Cut out foods that are fatty and/or high in sugars. Eat as many veggies as you can. This way, your body will be forced to burn through the THC-laden fat cells that are already in position. Since sugar is easier for your body to process than fat, don’t give it any. Make it eat the fat. Also, instead of a few large meals, eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day. Eating raises your metabolism. Eating often maintains a higher metabolism and burns more fat.

Drink lots of fluid.

But be careful. It is possible to drink too much water which can result in water intoxication. Water intoxication is the direct result of diluting your body. Water absorbs salts and electrolytes from cells. In excess, this can cause some really cool things like vomiting and death. For this reason I would recommend drinking sports drinks instead of water. Sports drinks are fortified with salts and electrolytes, so there will be less cause for worry. Not only that but they taste better and help with cotton mouth. You should drink 8–12 8oz glasses throughout the day. Spread ’em out, stay near a bathroom, and stop if you start feeling ill. Death is not a good substitute for taking a marijuana test.

Bring your urine back up to snuff.

Because of all the fluids you will have been drinking, your urine is going to be quite dilute. If the urine is too dilute, the people administering the test may suspect a detox regimen and reject your urine sample. With this in mind, on the day before your THC test, it is advisable to take some vitamins. Multivitamins help, but it is suggested far more often to take some vitamin B2, vitamin B12, or B-Complex. You may also want to consider taking a creatine supplement. One sure sign of trying to beat a drug test is low levels of creatinine (byproduct of creatine) in the urine. So pump up.

On the day of the test, be prepared.

There are several things you can do on the day of your drug screen. The first thing is to get that first initial morning pee out of the way. You never want to supply the testers with your first pee of the day. During the night, metabolites build up and will be more concentrated in the urine. So, before you go in, pee all you can pee. You will also want to put something in your stomach so your body will have something besides your fat cells to work off of. Some people suggest a nice meal, but most people suggest juice. Juice is high in sugars which are easily processed by your body. And it will make you pee. Finally, make sure you give them some mid-stream pee. Start peeing, squeeze it off, fill your specimen cup, and finish peeing. Apparently, the first bit and the last bit are more likely to be hot.

Do detox kits work?

The number of detox kits available on the market today for ensuring that you pass your THC test is staggering. Unfortunately, and I hate to say something so obvious, the one and only way to make darn sure that you pass your drug test is to not take them. Is this fair? Who knows? I’m not entirely convinced that employers/officials should have the right to demand sobriety of you. That is not unless it becomes evident that you have a problem. As far as I’m concerned, even though I don’t personally use, if you don’t allow cannabis use to adversely affect your performance at work, relationships with others, or put other people at any risk of any sort, it’s nobody’s business but yours. Oh well. The fact of the matter is that there can be severe penalties for marijuana use, hence the slough of detox kits, urine cleansers, and home drug tests. Pretty much every single manufacturer of THC detox products claim that their product is the best. In fact, most of them offer a 100 or even 200% money back satisfaction guarantee for the success of their products. Strangely, they do not offer to post bail for you. I strongly advise you, before purchasing, to spend some time looking for and reading product reviews. Although it’s difficult to assess the validity of product reviews, it does seem that many people (definitely not all) have had some success with commercial detoxifying kits. So, to answer the question above: do detox kits work? The best answer I can give you is . . . maybe.

Natural THC Detox Methods


Niacin, a.k.a. vitamin B3, is a vasodilator. This means it opens capillaries and allows for blood to flow more freely. As the blood moves past fatty tissues, it is able to pull THC and other toxins into the bloodstream so that they can be processed out of the body. You can get Niacin capsules from Amazon.


Psyllium fiber readily absorbs THC. Fat soluble THC metabolites are absorbed by the fiber and moved into and through the colon instead of into the bladder.

Green Tea.

Not only is green tea a good source for water, which is great for flushing your system of THC and other toxins, it also contains caffeine. The caffeine can temporarily raise your metabolism and help move toxins out more quickly. Tazo Green Tea (link to Amazon).

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