Cats are pretty clean and tend to be meticulous about their looks. They sometimes don’t like the humans tendency to pick them up and hug them and love them and call them George. However, there’s sometimes an issue that you’ve got to help them with: dandruff. Also, it’s disgusting that it’s left everywhere they sit.

Cats, covered with hair as they are, sometimes will develop dandruff that won’t go away, no matter how much they lick themselves. Cat dandruff is a pretty common issue, and some vets say that up to half of all cats will develop it at one point or another. The dandruff found on your cat’s coat is usually due to excessive dry skin, or in spots where cats can’t groom themselves. It is, in some cases, a sign of infection or fleas/mites. If the cat isn’t suffering any discomfort, then you probably don’t need to make a vet run. However, it does usually indicate a need to change your cat’s environment or diet.

Thinking dandruff shampoo?

Don’t do it. It works on us because we don’t lick ourselves, it won’t work on dogs/cats due to the sensitivity of their skin.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Cat Dandruff

Find the cause of the dandruff.

Obviously you should know the cause before starting to mess with your cat. Using a fine-tooth comb, you can brush it to look for parasites like mites or fleas. If dry skin is the problem, your cat might be really thirsty and/or itchy. If the cat goes outside, it may be sunburn (look for red and dry skin where the hair is thinner). There’s also an issue that it could be bad hygiene (usually because the cat is too fat), or allergies to stuff in your house.

Feed your cat Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Since usually can dandruff (just like in humans) indicates a vitamin deficiency, adding some tasty fish to the cat’s diet (like tuna or salmon) will do wonders for its skin and coat. Look at the label on your cat’s food, and check to see if Omega-3 supplements are listed in the ingredients. You could also check fish oil supplements if you should choose. Look for products such as Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil or Tomlyn Omega Power in the cat section at your local pet store. Amazon also sells SIMIEN Omega 3 supplement.

Ensure your cat gets the water it needs.

By using wet food and putting out fresh water more often, you can help the cat’s skin get the moisture it needs. there are usually enough helpful nutrients in dry food, but sometimes they may not be getting enough water. So, maybe add some water to the dry food, or switch to wet food on a few days a week.

Get an air humidifier.

Indoor cats will suffer the same thing you do if it’s really dry: flaky skin. So consequently, especially when it’s winter, you’ll want to ensure there’s enough moisture in the air. Getting a humidifier to add moisture will help with dry skin on the cat, and will help both you and the cat avoid any respiratory problems.

Wash Your Cat.

Cats are usually quite clean, though there will be times where they need a bit of help. If the cat has dandruff, brush every day to help remove it. Overweight cats may need help with washing spots they can’t groom. Bathing the cat regularly may help, but be wary. Generally cates hate water. If your cat hates water, there are numerous waterless shampoos available (such as Synergy Waterless Bath Foam and Miracle Coat Foaming Waterless Shampoo) that may make bath time a little easier.

If the cause is fleas or mites, start treating them.

Get over-the-counter treatments and start them immediately. If the cat has allergic dermatitis (read: a skin allergy), that usually results in dandruff. The cause is usually fleas or mites…and those can be treated with things like Bayer Advantage or Frontline. Once the parasites are gone, then the dandruff should disappear. Just make sure you follow the instructions closely , and ensure the medication is for cats.

Should you visit the vet?

It’s not necessary in most cases. It can usually be treated and prevented at home, but sometimes if your cat has a few other health concerns (such as extreme fatigue, difficult or frequent urination, lack of appetite, etc.), you may want to consult a vet to figure out the issue.

Best Natural Ways to Prevent Cat Dandruff

Fish oil. This will help keep the cat’s skin healthy, and their general health up.

Brushing. Brushing daily will help remove all those dead skin cells and hair that can cause dandruff. It also helps with the natural oils in the cat’s skin. Plus, it makes the cat happy. We’d recommend a comb like Poodle Pet, sold at Amazon.

Tuna. A few spoonfuls of tuna will make your cat happy PLUS the cat will get some natural nutrients and some of that delicious Omega-3 fatty acid.

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